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An integrated spreadsheet without limits. Interactive with all SciWorks real-time and post experiment plugins.
Click HERE for more information about how the DataPad plugin is integrated into various SciWorks packages.
DataPad is a SciWorks spreadsheet plugin that interacts directly with all of the DataWave SciWorks plugins (including both real-time and post experiment). The spreadsheet functionality is typical of standard spreadsheets with the ability to create functions, format data and cells and save and restore from file. Unique to DataPad, however, is the ability to put large quantities of data into the spreadsheet without limits to the number of columns or rows typically encountered with other spreadsheets. It is an indispensable tool when working with waveform data as well as other large data sets typically encountered during data acquisition.
DataWave DataPad
- Interacts directly with all of the DataWave SciWorks plugins (real-time & post experiment)
- Write spreadsheet equations with many of the supported functions
- Format cells (i.e font, colors etc.)
- Support for drag and drop of all DataWave data types including waveform data and text
- Save and restore multiple spreadsheets in a single DataWave file
- Support for large data sets typically limited by other spreadsheet programs
- Cut, copy and paste to other SciWorks plugins as well as other software applications
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Computer & Operating System Requirements
- Requires DataWave's core SciWorks package
- Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10
- 2 Mb free disk space for (for DataPad installation)

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