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Powerful and Easy-to-use tools for "interactive" data replay, editing and analysis.  Support for all types of data including acquired, previously analyzed, waveforms, digital IO, single values, markers, annotations and video.

Includes powerful marker and annotation editing.   Supports common tasks such as; "import & export", "cut, copy & paste" and "formatting & printing".

Click HERE for more information about how DataView is integrated into various SciWorks packages.
DataView is a SciWorks plugin that includes a series of components that allow for interactive replay, review, measuring, editing and printing of data acquired or analyzed from other SciWorks plugins or imported from other packages. These components not only display data graphically but they are also designed to allow you to quickly and easily "get at" your data in an interactive manner. They provide instant access to any type of data at any location within a data file -- completely independent of file size.

DataView components also give you that ability to output data you are working with. This includes output to file, output for presentation and output to other software applications. The DataView components are indispensable tools when working with waveform, analyzed, event or marker data encountered during data acquisition.
DataView Components
- Interact directly with all of the DataWave SciWorks plugins
Graphical Display
- Access and display various data types including waveforms, histograms, spectral, calculated single values and video*
- Graphical windows including scrolling, sweep based and record based
- Complete control over graphical formatting of data
- Different data can be displayed in separate panes of a window or overlaid in a single pane
- Data can be searched based on different criteria such as time or marker criteria
Data Selection
- Interactive data selection allows one or more segments to be selected
- Data can be selected from a single data type or across multiple types of data at the same time
- Cut, copy and paste can be used on data selections to manipulate data (i.e overlay)
- Selected data segments can be analyzed in other plugins using drag & drop or copy and paste
- Selected data segments can be saved to a new file in standard DataWave format or exported to other file formats
Editing Markers & Annotations
- Markers and annotations can be added, edited and deleted within a data file
- Markers and annotations can be viewed in a separate pane or overlaid with acquired or analyzed data
- Search within a data file based on various marker criteria
Data Measurements
- Interactive cursor and delta cursor measurements for both the X and Y axis
- Measurements can be taken on a single piece of data or across multiple data types at the same time
- Cursor measurements can be manually or automatically written to a spreadsheet
Data Presentation
- All data can be printed to a printer or PDF
- Graphical data can be copied and pasted into other programs in either bitmap format or high resolution vector format
- Data can be exported or copied and pasted into other data presentation software applications
  *  Interactive video display is supported using the VideoView component of the VideoBench plugin.
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Computer & Operating System Requirements
- Requires DataWave's core SciWorks package
- Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10
- 2 Mb free disk space for (for DataView installation)

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