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Spike sorting components for both real-time and post experiment data analysis.   AutoSort can provide instant feedback of sorted spikes as data is acquired real-time or post experiment from previously recorded data.   It's seamless integration into Experimenter and ability to work directly with other analyses makes AutoSort a powerful tool.

Click HERE for more information about how AutoSort is integrated into various SciWorks packages.
NOTE: AutoSort is included automatically as part of the Experimenter Real-time and Experimenter Analysis plugins.
DataWave Spike Sorting Analysis
DataWave Technologies has been the leader in spike sorting technologies for over two decades and continues to lead with DataWave's AutoSort. AutoSort is a multi-dimensional spike sorting plugin that can analyze spike waveforms in real-time as data is being acquired OR post experiment during file playback. Up to 128 electrodes can be sorted "simultaneously" using a single Experimenter configuration.

AutoSort builds on past sorting technologies to offer even more power and flexibility. Unlike other sorting programs, AutoSort doesn't put unnecessary limits on your sorting capabilities. AutoSort allows you to sort across multiple dimensions (from 2 to 256) using any combination of both elliptical and rectangular boundaries allowing you to sort even the most complicated waveforms. Additional power and flexibility is provided by the ability to sort waveforms of any length and from stereotrodes, tetrodes and other multi-site electrodes.

Don't allow other programs to put artificial limits on your sorting capabilities. Take advantage of AutoSort's power and flexibility for all your spike sorting needs.
DataWave AutoSort
- Real-time sorting allows sorting (and interactive editing) while data is being acquired
- Sort from file playback
- Automatic sorting at the push of a button
- Manual sorting using waveform boundaries or mult-dimensional point boundaries
- Disable invalid waveforms
- Cross-unit or cross-channel analysis (including phase angle and difference measurements)
- Support for single electrodes, stereotrodes, tetrodes, multi-channel n-trodes and MAE probes
- Principal Component analysis (PCA 1-8)
- Waveform feature parameters as well as correlation coefficient and cursor values
- Minimum critical distance calculations to show when separate units are in the same cluster
- User defined number of projections/dimensions
- Cursor regions for improved parameter calculations
- Raster format of waveforms simultaneous with point plots
- Enable/disable any number of projections
- Operate on the whole file or a portion of the file and apply to all
- Both elliptical and rectangular boundaries
- Optimized for speed
- Supported as a Plugin within DataWave's Experimenter Real-time and Experimenter Analysis
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Computer & Operating System Requirements
- Requires DataWave's core SciWorks package and the Experimenter plugin
- Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10
- 2 Mb free disk space for (for AutoSort installation & sample data)

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