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DataWave offers a wide range of quality tethered and wireless headstages.   They are available for both "record only" and "simultaneous stimulate and record" and in channel counts from 1 to 32 channels.   These headstages offer a number of features that make them technically superior to other headstages currently on the market.   And when integrated with amplifiers offer a complete recording solution.

Channels Stimulate
Connection Best for . . . Compatible Amplifiers
Tethered Record Only
4, 8, 16, 32 no tethered stationary OR freely moving AM-3600, AM-4000, modified AM-1700
Tethered Stimulate & Record
Single Channel
1 yes tethered stationary AM-1800, modified AM-1700
Tethered Stimulate & Record
16 yes tethered stationary AM-3600
Wireless Record Only 5, 15, 31, 63 no wireless stationary OR freely moving AM-1700, AM-3600, AM-4000

See also Multiplexed High Density Recording Systems for headstage solutions for 30 to 120 channels.

The instruments listed above are NOT approved for use with Human Subjects in either a Clinical or Research Environment.
As an alternative see the BioRadio with approved electrodes for human clinical research use.

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