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TMSi Recording Devices for Humans
Avoid having to figure out your hardware needs. We've already done it for you!

DataWave Technologies combines TMSi hardware devices with DataWave's Experimenter Real-time recording and analysis software to provide you with a COMPLETE solution.

TMSi devices support a wide array of configuration options including:
- Various devices with various combinations of channel types.
- ExG signals such as EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, etc.
- Sensor signals such as position, acceleration, temperature, galvanic skin response (GSR), etc.
- Many devices support heart rate, saturation (SpO2) and digital input.

Unique TMSi recording technologies that set them apart from other human recording devices:
Average Reference Amplifier
- The amplifier architecture that is used in the majority of TMSi systems. (can be enabled or disabled)
- Offers significant advantages over other amplifier designs. (when implemented correctly)
- Makes it possible to re-reference in software to any montage you want.

Shielded cables
- Movement artifacts are eliminated.
- Noise from mains (50Hz/60Hz) are eliminated.
- Electrode cables consists of a small coax cable, where the outer layer is “shielding” the inner signal wire.

 -  All listed data acquisition hardware is fully supported in DataWave's Experimenter for TMSi (Real-time) plugin.
 -  For general purpose electrophysiology recording devices click here.
 -  For high density and multiple animal electrophysiology recording devices click here.
 -  For wireless ambulatory physiology recording click here.

Device Resolution (bits) Channels Throughput Unipolar Bipolar Auxiliary SpO2 Digital Input
Porti Family
  - Front-end with 16 or 32 channels
  - PCMCIA slot for flash disk
  - USB OR Bluetooth wireless communication
  - CE certified (class 2A, type CF)
  - FDA 510k approved
22 16 or 32 up to 2048 Hz up to 32 up to 24 up to 16 YES
(most models)
1, isolated
Refa Family
  - Front-end with up to 136 channels
  - Built-in impedance measurement
  - USB communications
  - CE certified (class 2A, type CF)
  - FDA 510k approved
24 16, 32, 40, 72, 136 2048 Hz to 20,000 Hz up to 128 up to 4 up to 4 - 8, isolated
Mobi Family
  - 6 Channel front-end with X bipolar and Y auxiliary input channels. All versions have the option of 1 saturation input
  - Slot for SD card (for storage up to 2 GB)
  - Bluetooth wireless communication
  - Marker input
  - RS232 input on back can be used for trigger
  - CE certified (class 2A, type CF)
24 up to 8 up to 2048 Hz - up to 6 up to 4 optional (1 channel) RS232
  - Bluetooth communications   - CE certified (class 2A, type CF)
24 3 1024 Hz - 2 1 w/o trigger 1 w/o auxiliary

 -  Various sensors and cabling is available for the TMSi devices.
 -  DataWave also supports various other stimulus and triggering devices in conjunction with the TMSi devices.
 -  Contact DataWave's Sales department for your special requirements.

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