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BioRadio - Wireless Recording for Animals & Humans
The BioRadio* is a low-cost, lightweight, wireless recording device for humans or animals. It is the perfect device recording physiological signals such as ECG/EKG, EEG, EMG and blood pressure as well as pulse oximetry, airflow, heart-rate, acceleration and position.   And when combined with Experimenter provides a great wireless recording solution for cardiopulmonary research, neuromonitoring research, and other types of clinical research.
*This device is intended for scientific and research purposes only. IRB approval must be obtained before using this device in human testing.
BioRadio Key Features
- wireless use eliminates the restrictions encountered with traditional tethered equipment,
- lightweight unit is easy-to-use and connect
- record electrophysiological signals such as EEG, ECG/EKG, EOG, EMG and EOG
- record from external sensors for respiration, blood pressure, spirometry and others
- built in sensors for recording accelerometry, position, pulse oximetry, pressure based airflow and other DC signals
- built in amplication eliminates the need for amplifiers
a wide range of external sensors/transducers are available.

Transducer Options
 * Blood Pressure Cuff (interface required)
 * Breadboard Kit
 * Force Plate (interface required)
 * Hand Dynamometer (interface required)
 * Nasal/Oral Air Flow Cannula with Filter
 * Nasal/Oral Air Flow Cannula without Filter
 * Nasal/Oral Thermocouple
 * Piezo-Electric Respiratory Effort Belt
 * Pulse Oximeter Finger Sensor
 * Pulse Oximeter Finger Clip Sensor
 * Pulse Oximeter Sensor Adhesive (Flexiwrap)
 * Pulse Oximeter Interface
 * Spirometer (interface required)
 * Transducer Interface Cable

Additional Accessory Options
 * Button Snap Safety Connectors
 * Cloth Snap Electrodes, Disposable
 * Electrode Jumper, Male/Female – Male/Female
 * Gold Cup Electrode Leads
 * Disposable Supply Kit

BioRadio Specifications
- Connection:  Bluetooth / Low Energy
- Range:  up to 10 meters
- Dimensions:  10 x 6 x 2 cm
- Battery Life:  up to 8 hours on a single charge

- BioPotential channels
 .   Channels: 8 single ended or 4 differential (analog: EEG, ECG, EMG, GSR, RIP Volume, etc.)
 .   Sample Rate: 250 Hz to 16 kHz
 .   Sample Resolution: 12, 16 or 24 bit resolution

- 3-Axis Position channels
 .   Acceleration (±8 g)
 .   Position/Gyroscope (± 2000°/sec)

- 10 Sensor Channels:
 .  Pulse Oximetry - PSG, Heart Rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2 are measured using finger clip sensors.
 .  Piezo-Electric Respiratory Effort Belt - Measure respiration by recording chest or abdominal expansion and contraction
 .  RIP Band - Respiratory Inductance Plesthysmography band that monitors respiration and lung volume through chest expansion/contraction
 .  Blood Pressure Cuff - Measures human systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
 .  Force Plate - Measures forces generated while stepping or jumping
 .  Hand Dynamometer - Strain-gage isometric dynamometer that measures grip strength
 .  Nasal/Oral Thermocouple - Monitors respiration through changes in temperature
 .  Spirometer - Measure respiration by recording chest or abdominal expansion and contraction
 .  GSR Sensor - Measures galvanic skin response
 .  Skin Temperature Sensor - Measure subject temperature on surface of the skin
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BioRadio Requirements
- requires a USB port on the computer

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