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DataWave Technologies® is the recognized leader in data acquisition and data analysis products for the Life Sciences.   We bring over 20 years of experience delivering relevant products for Electrophysiology, Neurophysiology, Physiology and Behavioral related research.   DataWave's quality tested software and hardware products are used daily by leading researchers in over 50 countries around the world.
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Human based Recording and Analysis (EEG/EMG/ECG & Physiology)
Integrated support for TMSi DevicesDETAILS.
Multi-Animal and High Density Recording and Analysis
Integrated support for Intan Recording Devices
What's NEW!
- NEW!!! VideoBench 7 New Tracking Maps and supported devices
- NEW!!! qEEG and Time Frequency Analyses
- NEW!!! Low-cost Data Acquisition solution with SciWorks "Discovery"
- NEW!!! DataWave's new line of USB Data Acquisition Hardware
- AutoSort Automatic Sorting at the push of a button!
Typical Applications . . .
-Single & Multi-Units -Behavior Tests -Video & Position Tracking (mazes, open field, etc.)
-Field Potentials (LFPs) -LTP & LTD -Blood Pressure
-ECG & EKG -ABR, BAER, BSER, Brainstem Evoked Response -Evoked Response / Evoked Potential
-Action Potentials -Voltage / Current / Patch Clamp -Sensors (temperature, pressure, flow, etc.)
-EEG, ECoG -Pulmonary -ERP / Event Related Potential)
-EMG -Dose Response -SpO2 (Pulse Oximetry)
-EOG, ERG -SSEP / Somatosensory Evoked Potential -AEP / Auditory Evoked Potential
-Sleep -Motor Unit Activity -Spikes (single electrode, tetrode & n-probe)
-Extracellular Recording -Intracellular Recording -High Density Recording
-GSR -Respiration (effort, flow, volume) -Motion (acceleration, postion)
-Flow & Volume
Software Solutions for . . .
-Data Acquisition & Data Recording
-Stimulus Generation, Delivery and Control
-Data Analysis (real-time and post experiment)
-Experiment Control
-Video Capture & Tracking
-Data Management
Hardware & Instruments Including . . .
-Data Acquisition / Recording Devices (USB and wireless)
-Headstages (wireless and tethered)
-Ambulatory (wireless for humans & primates)

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